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The Aerotrike has an impressive pedigree.

Over the years it has been involved in many record-breaking events as well as pioneering expeditions that tested the true mettle of this machine.

Each time it has proved itself to be an outstanding performer and the ideal choice for someone wanting to push themselves to the limits...

The most notable achievements by the Aerotrike have been the following:

  • Microlight World Altitude Record (Trike) in 1987. Here Mike Blyth flew an Aerotrike Safari powered by a Rotax 503 with special jetting and a specially designed large diameter wood prop to an altitude of 25 013 ft! That is Boeing territory!
  • Microlight World Champion (Weight-shift Category) in 1992. Here Mike Blyth flew his Rotax 508-powered Aerotrike Safari to victory against the rest of the world's best.
  • Microlight World Champion Runner Up (2nd place) in 1994. Again with the Aerotrike Safari 508.
  • World Unsupported Distance in a Trike-type Microlight in 1995. Here Mike flew a standard Rotax 912-powered Aerotrike Safari from Cape Town, South Africa to the north cape of Norway. 4 months and 21 000 km of the world's roughest flying! (See Cape to Cape page.)
  • World Unsupported Distance in a Trike-type Microlight in 1999. This time Mike flew the new Aerotrike Cobra powered by the new Rotax 912 S (100 HP) motor. The expedition lasted 7 months and 43 000 km's and broke all previous distance records. (See Millennium Microlight Adventure page.) Also see our Expeditions page for more expeditions undertaken by pilots flying Aerotrikes.

Awards (see picture below right) from left to right:

  • South African National Champion Trophy (won 5 times!)
  • General James Guilliland Award for the Most Meritous Sport Flying Achievement (3 times!), for
    • 1987 World Alititude Record in a Trike (25013 ft asl)
    • 1992 World Microlight Champion
    • 1995 Cape to Cape Expedition
  • 2nd Place Trophy  in 1994 Microlight World Championships
  • 1st Place Trophy in 1992 Microlight World Championships


Many other certificates and awards have been won by the Aerotrike and its pilots. These include the USUA Flight of the Year Award and the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI) Diamond Colibri Award (the highest award given by the world governing body for air sports) for the Cape to Cape expedition.

Also, the French National Geographic Adventure of the Year (Cape to Cape), the Captain Morgan Adventure of the Year (Millennium Microlight Adventure) and many others


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