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The Aerotrike Cobra was designed according to a simple brief: spare no cost to provide the pilot with the strongest, lightest, most-comfortable, most advanced, most good-looking trike possible!

And this, we believe has been achieved!  The Cobra is the newest addition to the Aerotrike family.

The first production Cobra, C-001, flew 46,000 km around the world in the Millennium Microlight Adventure, which proved as an extensive test flight and debugging exercise. Several advances and develpments were made to the Cobra following information provided about the performance, comfort and other factors of the Cobra during its extremely rough operations and incredibly long flights of this expedition. And so the Cobra progressed and was perfected to the point where it is now looked upon by all pilots with a sense of lust!

If you are looking for a trike with long distance capabilities and fast cruising ability, then the Cobra is for you! If you are looking for safety, comfort and luxury, then the Cobra is for you! If you are looking for a trike which caters for all your luxury flying (and rough terrain flying!) needs, then the Cobra is for you!

If you are someone who likes to have the best and the best only, then the Cobra should be your choice of trike...


DVD of the South to South Expedition, featuring the Aerotrike Cobra, now available in Europe (PAL) and the Americas (NTSC).

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    For $1,250 less than the price of the standard Cobra, the 'Naked' Cobra offers you open flying in one of the most advanced trikes. Still retaining the signature pylon fairing, large wheel spats and composite seating arrangement, the Naked Cobra removes the front fairing and replaces it with a banana pod. Of course this trike can still be fitted with the Rotax 912 engine (and 912S), so it makes an obvious choice for those looking for an open 4-stroke tourer. But most will still take it with the 2-stroke Rotax 503 or 582 engines, for a luxurious but fun open-flying experience!


Front Wheel telescopic suspension with large diameter mecahnical drum brake. The braking power of the Cobra is superb. Suspension is through non-degrading poly-urethane and is fine-tuned for even the roughest airfields. Mudflap for protection of composite parts. Parking brake included. The front fork pivots on two heavy-duty ball bearings that make steering the Cobra on rough terrain a pleasure.

Rear Wheel suspension for easy ground handling on rough fields and with heavy loads. Through telescopic poly-urethane shocks. Improves the longevity of your Cobra by decreasing ground shock transferal to the trike, wing and engine (and of course allowing for a smoothe ride by the occupants!) This is a heavy-duty suspension system and will handle rough terrain better than most.

Folding 'click-up' pylon for quick and easy rigging and de-rigging of your Cobra. The Cobra's unique system allows one person to lift the wing and click the pylon into place! No removing of the fuel tank and seats - just one safety clip and bolt and you're ready to go!

3/4 nose and pylon fairings for better aerodynamic handling and efficiency and for protection of the pilot and passenger from the elements (not to mention for unparalled aesthetics and style!!!). Colour options available. Note that all peripherals such as the ballistic parachute are housed within this sleek shell. The most modern design on the market! (Rear fairing and radiator scoop and option with watercooled engines.)

Independant seats with full composite backreasts and padding. Exceptional leg room for both pilot and passenger as well as very large distance between pilot and passenger, alleviating the common necessity for the passenger to sit with legs wide open. 3-point recoil restrainers are fitted for both occupants (option). These full length back rests and extensive space make the Cobra the most comfortable trike to sit in. The back seat is unrivalled in comfort.

Large capacity side bags (option)  for luggage on long distance cruise flights and for any daily onboard necessities such as oil, tools, spark plugs, manuals and spare prop blades. (Not recommended unless the 582, 912 or 912S engine is used.)

Large capacity front luggage compartment for carrying large volumes of light gear such as clothing and a sleeping bag and any in-flight necessities. Easy access is provided to the pilot through safe 'doors' even during flight. Also, passener 'footboards' allow for comfortable foot support for passengers of any height. (Rear nosewheel steering not available on the Cobra.)

55 litre (14 US gal) fuel tank with easy side access for refueling. With the optional 76 litre (20 US gal) fuel tank (not fitted on the standard 503 model) endurance could be as much as 7 hours and 700 kms depending on engine and other factors! The Cobra give you the longest range of any production trike!

BRS ballistic parachute (option) for peace of mind while flying over unfriendly terrain. Note the out-of-the-way mounting under the passenger's seat in this picture of a semi-installed parachute. The parachute is finally concealed from eye and airflow by the fairing of the Cobra. (Not included with standard Cobra.)

Full instrument panel and windscreen with either a SKYDAT GX1 Digital Engine Monitoring and Avionics System (digital dials!) covering all engine (and some flying) functions or just the good old analogue instruments. Any instruments as well as panel mount nav or comm units can be fitted at the factory. Ample space provided. (Standard configuration does NOT include any instruments.)

4-stroke power option! The Rotax 912 or 912S 4-stroke motors can be fitted to the Cobra for unrivalled power, fuel-economy, reliability and endurance (not standard configuration). In all cases the exhaust is tucked neatly away and oil and water tanks are mounted safely and ingeniously out of the way within the composite seating with easy access provided. This is one of the only trikes that was designed from the start to sport the Rotax 4-strokes.

Tough aircraft-grade chromoly steel and aluminium construction for 'off-road' operation and operation on rough terrain. Very light and very strong. Large diameter aluminium is used. Steel and ali treated for corrosion protection. One of the only trikes on the market that uses aircraft grade 4130 chromoly steel throughout. All junction points on the Cobra are rubber-bushed to increase the lifespan and ruggedness of the trike.

Radiator scoop with adjustable flap (includes full rear underbelly fairing) allowing the radiator (like many other things!) to be tucked neatly away and out of sight. The adjustable intake flap allows the pilot to manually control the airflow onto the radiator to maintain ideal engine temperatures as well as preventing stone and sand damage to the radiator while maneouvring on the ground. (This feature is an option and is only available when the 582, 912 or 912S engine options are selected).

Integral landing light (option)  for after dark taxiing. The Cobra takes on the characteristics of a military jet with its sleek shape, nose-mounted landing light and lower belly air intake. A 'mean machine', by any standards!


  • Cobra Undercarriage with Full Suspension and Folding Pylon and:
    • 3/4 Nose Fairing
    • Pylon Fairing
    • Composite Seats with Full Backrests and Padding
    • Front Luggage Compartment
    • Powerful Front Brake with Parking Brake
    • Front Instrument Panel with Centre Console (standard composites colour white)
  • Rainbow Aircraft Spirit 15 New Generation Dual Surface Wing
  • Rotax 503 DCDI Engine with Dual Ignition and Twin Carbs (52 HP)
  • "B" Series Gearbox (reduction 2,58:1)
  • 2-bladed Prop
  • 55-litre (14 US gal) Fuel Tank
  • Side Saddle Bags (slim)
  • Safety Cables
  • Wide Wheels and Tyres for soft sand operation
  • Rear Wheel Spats (Pants)


The Aerotrike Cobra is certified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to be fit and safe for general ultralight use. It has been extensively tested according to CAA regulations and has passed or exceeded all requirements.



Aerotrike Cobra Price:

US$ 20,400.00

Air freight or sea freight extra and to be quoted for city of destination. Customs clearing charges (normally around $200-$300) are not included although we can arrange this for you. Your Aerotrike will have roughly a 12 hour build time (rear landing gear, prop, etc) from the crate. Full assembly manual supplied. Delivery time is normally 10-12 weeks (2-stroke) or 12-14 weeks (4-stroke) from date of order. Current terms and conditions apply .

For pricing in South Africa and the rest of the world kindly contact the Agent nearest you or enquire via our Enquiry Form.


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