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NOTE: The Safari has been discontinued and replaced with the NEW SCOUT. Click here for more...

The Aerotrike Safari is the longest-standing member of the Aerotrike family. From its early beginnings in 1989 this remarkable machine has grown from strength to strength. The trials and tribulations of flying in the harsh Southern African climate have molded and refined the Aerotrike Safari into the tough, capable and yet luxurious 'cruiser' that it is loved for.

Over the years the Aerotrike Safari has been involved in many history-making events. Its most notable achievements have been winning the Microlight World Championships in 1992 and setting a World Record in unsupported distance flying in the 1995 Cape to Cape Microlight Expedition.

At the '92 World Champs, Aerotrike designer Mike Blyth flying his Rotax 508 competition Aerotrike was awarded with first place in the event. In '94 the Aerotrike came a close second at the World's, again flown by Mike Blyth.

In the 1995 Cape to Cape Microlight Expedition Mike Blyth flew his standard Rotax 912-powered Aerotrike from Cape Town, South Africa, to the northernmost tip of Europe, the North Cape of Norway. This amazing feat involved 5 months of the most challenging flying and covered a distance of 23000 km. This was by far the longest trip ever undertaken in a trike type microlight. Visit the official Cape to Cape web site for the full story and some breath-taking pictures.

The ongoing research and development programme behind the Aerotrike has heralded many features that positively affect the flying experience of Aerotrike pilots throughout the world on a daily basis.


Front Wheel telescopic suspension through spring system. Standard colour-coded composite front mudguard. Powerful front brake with parking brake included.

Rear Wheel suspension for easy ground handling on rough fields. Through spring system. Improves the longevity of your Safari by decreasing ground shock transferal to the trike, wing and engine (and of course allowing for a smoothe ride by the occupants!) One of the most effective suspension systems in the business!

Folding pylon for quick and easy rigging and de-rigging of your Safari. No removing of the fuel tank and seats - just one safety clip and bolt and you're ready to go!

Sturdy  engine mounting with 2 sets of vibration absorbing engine mounting rubbers for a smoothe ride and peaceful flying experience by you and your passenger. Easy access to all parts of the engine for maintenance. Exhaust tucked neatly away.

Large side luggage bags covering a 55 litre (14 US gal) fuel tank. Ideal for weekend away trips and long distance cruising or simply for carrying your tools, oil and spark plugs.

Independant bucket seats with sturdy backreasts and lap restrainers. Large and comfortable enough for long hours in the air!

Wide wheels for soft sand operation. Your trike will handle beach and desert flying much better with these wheels and tyres.

Instrument pod and instrument options (instruments not included in standard configuration) providing clear and easy monitoring of your engine as well as normal nav/comm instrumentation.

Rear wheel spats to give your trike that sleek sporty look and to aid in the protection of your propellor from sand and stones kicked up by the rear wheels. Several colours available.

Tough aluminium and steel construction for 'off-road' operation and operation in rough ground or flying school conditions. Steel and ali treated for corrosion protection. Steel coloured BLACK. Aluminium coloured SILVER.

Safety cables in integral parts of the trike for improved safety.


  • Safari Undercarriage with Full Suspension and Folding Pylon
  • Rainbow Aircraft Spirit 15 New Generation Dual Surface Wing
  • Rotax 503 DCDI Engine with Dual Ignition and Twin Carbs (52 HP)
  • "B" Series Gearbox (reduction 2,58:1)
  • 2-bladed Propellor
  • 55-litre (14 US gal) Fuel Tank
  • Side Luggage Bags
  • Safety Cables
  • Wide Wheels and Tyres for soft sand operation
  • Rear Wheel Spats (Pants)
  • Small Instrument Panel (no instruments)


The Aerotrike Safari is certified by the South African Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to be fit and safe for general ultralight use. It has been extensively tested according to CAA regulations and has passed or exceeded all requirements.



Aerotrike Safari Price:

US$ 16,620

Air freight or sea freight extra and to be quoted for city of destination. Customs clearing charges (normally around $200-$300) are not included, although we can arrange this for you. Your Aerotrike will have roughly a 6 hour build time (rear landing gear, prop, etc) from the crate. Full assembly manual supplied. Delivery time is normally 10-12 weeks from date of order. Current terms and conditions apply.

For pricing in South Africa and the rest of the world kindly contact the Agent nearest you or enquire via our Enquiry Form.







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